PCB 3D is a unique database of 3D modeled electronic components that you can use to render your virtual circuit boards. Use over 1500 electronic components from our database and take a closer look at your circuit boards and make your product perfect.

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Custom Models

You need a model that is not available in pcb 3D Model database? It’s not a problem, we will create it for you! Creation of 5 custom models is included in the price of the subscription. Just send us the specification and your models will be delivered in a few days.

Make your work easier

Take a closer look at the 3D Model of your circuit board. Analyze routs and size of all components before you make a physical prototype. This method will help you avoid some common mistakes and bring your product closer to a perfection.

Creative design

If you have challenging design ideas and requirements, use 3D Modeled circuit board with all the electric components, to create the perfect match. Don’t wait up for the prototype to be completed to fit the generic levitra online pharmacy circuit board into the box – do it while you are designing.


“PCB 3D Models has quite an interesting and innovative approach to circuit board design – they are making it possible for you to see your product before you make the final cuts. It is something that can often make a difference between a wasted investment and money well spent for your development team.”

Vladislav Palfi

Methodology Engineer Embedded System Design / Representative manager


Buy Full PCB 3D Membership + 5 custom models for just $299/year

Signup and get access to all FREE PCB 3D Models that we are offering.