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  • What is a STEP file?
  • Why we using a STEP file format for electronic components?
  • What software I can use to view (or edit) models from STEP files?
  • Where can I find more info on STEP?

Altium – Import 3D model into footprint

  • How to quick and easy import 3D STEP model of electronic component into footprint in Altium Designer?
  • How to import and position 3D STEP into footprint if model is not designed according to IPC standard?

 IPC Naming conventions

How we give names to our models? Find out in next articles:

How to calculate PTH hole and pad diameter sizes according to IPC-7251, IPC-2222 and IPC-2221 standards?

  • Find out the Maximum Lead Diameter
  • Calculate the Minimum Hole Size
  • Calculate the Pad Diameter
  • IPC-7251 Naming Convention for the Circular and Square Through Hole Pads
  • Differences between density levels A, B and C

How to design a cheaper PCB?

  1. Design your layout with the minimum number of layers.
  2. Design your layout with the minimum surface area
  3. How the PCB price depends on the copper thickness?
  4. How to set minimum clearance/spacing?
  5. Increase minimum via and pad hole sizes and set them all with the same size
  6. Save money by ordering your boards as prototype
  7. Panelize your layout on your own

Package outlines review and useful links

  • Who publishes standards for package outlines of IC, semiconductors and passive components?
  • Where can I find links of package outlines by their manufacturers?

Fiducial Marks – Tutorial

  • What are fiducial markers (marks)?
  • What is the purpose of fiducial marks?
  • What is the size of fiducial marks?
  • Do I need fiducial markers on both sides of the PCB?
  • How many fiducial marks on my PCB should I have and where should I position them?
  • Do I need fiducial marks on PCB panel edge?

What is the difference between the component (top) side show/view and the bottom side view?

CircuitStudio vs Altium Designer

Shipment and handling package types

Abbreviations in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Useful Links in Engineering and Science