IPC-7×51 Naming Convention for Connector 3D Models and Footprints

Connectors, which 3D models or package outline, do not belonging to IPC7251 Through-hole standard package outline categories HDRV and HDRRA, are classified in connector miscellaneous packages.

All Connector’s 3D models are divided in component categories by Manufacturers (e.g. 3M, DEGSON, HARWIN…).

IPC-7×51 Naming Convention for Connectors 3D models and land patterns (footprints) consist of:

abbreviation for Manufacturer’s Name (e.g. 3M, DEGSON, HARWIN…) + _ (underscore) + Manufacturer’s Part Number (Manufacturer’s Code).

Connector category list is shown below.


3M_Manufacturer’s Code

AGILENT_Manufacturer’s Code

AIRBORNE_Manufacturer’s Code

AMPHENOL_Manufacturer’s Code

AVX_Manufacturer’s Code

BERG_Manufacturer’s Code

BLOCKMASTER_Manufacturer’s Code

BULGIN_Manufacturer’s Code

CLIFF_Manufacturer’s Code

CONCRAFT_Manufacturer’s Code

CUI-STACK_Manufacturer’s Code

DEGSON_Manufacturer’s Code

JOHNSON_Manufacturer’s Code

EASTRON_Manufacturer’s Code

ENPLAS_Manufacturer’s Code

ERNI_Manufacturer’s Code

FCI_Manufacturer’s Code

FISCHER_Manufacturer’s Code

FUJITSU_Manufacturer’s Code

FULINK_Manufacturer’s Code

HIROSE_Manufacturer’s Code

HARWIN_Manufacturer’s Code

HOMETOM_Manufacturer’s Code

ITT_Manufacturer’s Code

JAE_Manufacturer’s Code

JALCO_Manufacturer’s Code

JWT_Manufacturer’s Code

JST_Manufacturer’s Code

KEYSTONE_Manufacturer’s Code

KYCON_Manufacturer’s Code

LEMO_Manufacturer’s Code

LINK PP_Manufacturer’s Code

LUMBERG_Manufacturer’s Code

MILL-MAX_Manufacturer’s Code

MARUSHIN_Manufacturer’s Code

MOLEX_Manufacturer’s Code

MULTICOMP_Manufacturer’s Code

NEUTRIK_Manufacturer’s Code

OST_Manufacturer’s Code

PHOENIX_Manufacturer’s Code

PRO SIGNAL_Manufacturer’s Code

PULSE_Manufacturer’s Code

RIA_Manufacturer’s Code

SAMTEC_Manufacturer’s Code

SCHURTER_Manufacturer’s Code

SIEMENS_Manufacturer’s Code

SPEEDTECH_Manufacturer’s Code

STEWART_Manufacturer’s Code

SULLINS_Manufacturer’s Code

SWITCHCRAFT_Manufacturer’s Code

TE CONNECTIVITY_Manufacturer’s Code

TOSHIBA_Manufacturer’s Code

WEIDMULLER_Manufacturer’s Code

WURTH_Manufacturer’s Code