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Package Description:

Dimensions: Length=37.9mm; Width = 27.8mm and Height 4.2mm; Description: The Carambola 2 is based on Qualcomm/Atheros AR9331SoC.It is Wi-Fi enabled Linux surface mount module. Operating voltage is from 3.3V and maximal power consumption is 0.5W. This module is ideal for development of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and applications.

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: Modules_8Devices_Carambola_2_WLAN_Bluetooth.pdf
File Format: pdf

3D CAD Model - STEP

File Name: Modules_8Devices_Carambola_2_WLAN_Bluetooth
File Format: STEP

Altium Designer - Footprint

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File Type: PCB Library (Footprint)
File Format: PcbLib

Altium Designer - Schematic Symbol

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File Format: SchLib

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