Download 3D STEP Model - Pro-SIGNAL_MJ-079_Panel_Socket_3.5mm_4_Pole_Jack

3D STEP Models in Mount Type: Panel Mount
3D STEP Models in Electric Type: Barrel - Audio Connectors
3D STEP Models in Manufacturer: Pro-SIGNAL
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Package Description:

Type: Panel (Chasis) Mount Socket Jack Connector; Type: Stereo Phone 3 Poles and 4 Poles; 2.5mm and 3.5mm Diameter; Gender: Receptacle (Female); Contact Termination: Solder; Manufacturer: SPC Pro-SIGNAL;

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: Pro-SIGNAL_MJ-079_Panel_Socket_3.5mm_4_Pole_Jack.pdf
File Format: pdf

3D CAD Model - STEP

File Name: Pro-SIGNAL_MJ-079_Panel_Socket_3.5mm_4_Pole_Jack
File Format: STEP

Altium Designer - Footprint

File Name:
File Type: PCB Library (Footprint)
File Format: PcbLib

Altium Designer - Schematic Symbol

File Name:
File Type: Schematic Library (Schematic Symbol)
File Format: SchLib

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