Download 3D STEP Model - CAPRR1000W60L1300T400H900-350-wm

Mount Type: Through Hole
Electric Type: CAPRR V
Manufacturer: EPCOS, Non Specified
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Package Description:

Lead Spacing = 10.00mm; Lead Width/Diameter = 0.60mm; Body Length = 13.00mm; Body thickness = 4.00mm; Body Height = 9.00mm; Lead Length = 3.50mm;

Metallized polyester film interference suppression capacitor
(Class X2, Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) series) MKT61(automotive grade)

Metallized polyester with series construction
High stability of capacitance under severe ambient condition, such as high humidity and high temperature
Excellent active and passive flame resistant abilities
For connection in series with the mains and capacitive divider power supply, such as energy meter, LED driver etc.

IPC-7251 Naming Convention for Capacitors Non Polarized Radial Rectangular (CAPRR) Vertical

CAPRR + Lead Spacing + W Lead Width + L Body Length + T Body thickness + H Body Height – Lead Length



CAPRR – Through Hole Capacitors, Non Polarized Radial Rectangular
1500 – Lead Spacing = 15.00mm
W80 – Lead Width = 0.80mm
L1800 – Body Length = 18.00mm
T500 – Body thickness = 5.00mm
H1050 – Body Height = 10.50mm
300 – Lead Length = 3.00mm (added by
EPCOS – Manufacturer Name (Added by
B32922 – Manufacturer Code, Package Name or Package Code(Added by

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