Download 3D STEP Model - CAPRR750W80L1750T780H1600-Panasonic-ECWFD-Series-wm

Mount Type: Through Hole
Electric Type: CAPRR V
Manufacturer: Non Specified, Panasonic
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Package Description:

Lead Spacing = 7.50mm; Lead Width/Diameter = 0.80mm; Body Length = 17.50mm; Body thickness = 7.80mm; Body Height = 16.00mm; Lead Length = 3.00mm;
Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor Type : ECWFD
Non-inductive construction using metalized Polypropylene film with flame retardant epoxy resin coating.

Small size
Excellent frequency characteristics
Low loss
Flame-retardant epoxy resin coating
Low Hum Sound Noise
RoHS directive compliant

Recommended applications
Activ filter circuits
High frequency and high current circuits

IPC-7251 Naming Convention for Capacitors Non Polarized Radial Rectangular (CAPRR) Vertical

CAPRR + Lead Spacing + W Lead Width + L Body Length + T Body thickness + H Body Height – Lead Length



CAPRR – Through Hole Capacitors, Non Polarized Radial Rectangular
1500 – Lead Spacing = 15.00mm
W80 – Lead Width = 0.80mm
L1800 – Body Length = 18.00mm
T500 – Body thickness = 5.00mm
H1050 – Body Height = 10.50mm
300 – Lead Length = 3.00mm (added by
EPCOS – Manufacturer Name (Added by
B32922 – Manufacturer Code, Package Name or Package Code(Added by

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