Download 3D STEP Model - DFN300X300X90-8 Alpha and Omega DFN3x3A 8L EP1 P PO-00047 Version G

Mount Type: Surface Mount
Electric Type: Dual Flat No-Lead DFN
Manufacturer: Alpha and Omega
Membership Type: Membership


Package Description:

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: DFN300X300X90-8_Alpha_and_Omega_DFN3x3A_8L_EP1_P_PO-00047_Version_G.pdf
File Format: pdf

3D CAD Model - STEP

File Name: DFN300X300X90-8_Alpha_and_Omega_DFN3x3A_8L_EP1_P_PO-00047_Version_G
File Format: STEP

Altium Designer - Footprint

File Name:
File Type: PCB Library (Footprint)
File Format: PcbLib

Altium Designer - Schematic Symbol

File Name:
File Type: Schematic Library (Schematic Symbol)
File Format: SchLib