Download 3D STEP Model - INDP7470X480 TDK CLF7045NI-D Series wm

Mount Type: Surface Mount
Electric Type: Inductors
Manufacturer: TDK
Membership Type: Free


Package Description:

CLF7045NI-D type Inductors for power circuits Wound ferrite CLF-NI-D series (for automotive) AEC-Q200

Magnetic shield type wound inductor for power circuits.
It can be used at a wide temperature range. –55 to +150°C (including self-temperature rise)
1 to 470µH, wide E-6 series lineup allows for various usages.
Operating temperature range: –55 to +150°C (including self-temperature rise)

Automotive-related equipment (ECM, airbags, headlights, electronic power steering, meters, ABS, other)
Application guides: Automotive (xEV)

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: INDP7470X480_TDK_CLF7045NI-D_Series.pdf
File Format: pdf

3D CAD Model - STEP

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Altium Designer - Footprint

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Altium Designer - Schematic Symbol

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Manufacturer Part Numbers:

CLF7045NIT-1R0N-D; CLF7045NIT-1R5N-D; CLF7045NIT-2R2N-D; CLF7045NIT-3R3N-D; CLF7045NIT-4R7N-D; CLF7045NIT-6R8N-D; CLF7045NIT-100M-D; CLF7045NIT-150M-D; CLF7045NIT-220M-D; CLF7045NIT-330M-D; CLF7045NIT-470M-D; CLF7045NIT-680M-D; CLF7045NIT-101M-D; CLF7045NIT-151M-D; CLF7045NIT-221M-D; CLF7045NIT-331M-D; CLF7045NIT-471M-D;