Download 3D STEP Model - SOD2512X110N SOD-323 JEITA SC-76 NXP

Mount Type: Surface Mount
Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors
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Package Description:

Body Length = 2.5 mm;
Body Width = 1.2 mm;
Body Height = 1.1 mm;

Manufacturer part numbers:

BZX384-B2V7; BZX384-B3V0; BZX384-B3V3; BZX384-B3V6; BZX384-B3V9; BZX384-B4V3; BZX384-B4V7; BZX384-B5V1; BZX384-B5V6; BZX384-B6V2; BZX384-B6V8; BZX384-B7V5; BZX384-B8V2; BZX384-B9V1; BZX384-B10; BZX384-B11; BZX384-B12; BZX384-B13; BZX384-B15; BZX384-B16; BZX384-B18; BZX384-B20; BZX384-B22; BZX384-B24; BZX384-B27; BZX384-B30; BZX384-B33; BZX384-B36; BZX384-B39; BZX384-B43; BZX384-B47; BZX384-B51; BZX384-B56; BZX384-B62; BZX384-B68; BZX384-B75; BZX384-C2V4; BZX384-C2V7; BZX384-C3V0; BZX384-C3V3; BZX384-C3V6; BZX384-C3V9; BZX384-C4V3; BZX384-C4V7; BZX384-C5V1; BZX384-C5V6; BZX384-C6V2; BZX384-C6V8; BZX384-C7V5; BZX384-C8V2; BZX384-C9V1; BZX384-C10; BZX384-C11; BZX384-C12; BZX384-C13; BZX384-C15; BZX384-C16; BZX384-C18; BZX384-C20; BZX384-C22; BZX384-C24; BZX384-C27; BZX384-C30; BZX384-C33; BZX384-C36; BZX384-C39; BZX384-C43; BZX384-C47; BZX384-C51; BZX384-C56; BZX384-C62; BZX384-C68; BZX384-C75; BAP50-03; BAP1321-03; BAP70-03; BB170; BB171; BAP51-03; BB172; BA591; BB152; BB153; BB131; BB208-03; BB133; BB156; BB135; BB149A; BAP63-03; BB148; BAP64-03; BB149; BAP65-03;

IPC-7351B Naming Convention for Small Outline Diodes (SOD)

SOD + Lead Span Nominal + Body Width X Height



SOD – Small Outline Diodes Plastic Surface Mount Gull Wing
25 – Lead Span Nominal = 2.50mm
12 – Body Width = 1.20mm
110 – Height = 1.10mm
SOD-323_JEITA_SC-76_NXP – Manufacturer Name and Manufacturer Code/Package Name and Standard Package Name (Added by

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