Download 3D STEP Model - WIZnet_WIZ550S2E-TTL_gateway_RS-232_to_TCP-IP

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Package Description:

Description: The WIZ550S2E-TTL is a small PCB gateway module which converts RS-232 signal to TCP-IP (S2E (Serial-to-Ethernet)). The module consists of LPC11E36FHN33 Cortex ARM M0 processor and W5500 for TCP/IP 10/100 Base Ethernet functionality. The WIZ550S2E-TTL PCB may be used with the boards like (WIZ550S2E-485-IB and WIZ550S2E-232-IB) to ensure RS244/RS485 or RS232 communications. To take control over WIZ550S2E-TTL software use configuration tool and AT commands. The PCB is able to receive data via AT commands without re-boot and re-configuring of the WIZ550S2E-TTL when changing the destination IP. For connections with other boards use 1×8 and 1×9 0.100 inch pitch male header. Operating voltage is 3.3V and typical power consumption is 140 mA. Device operating temperature is from -0 to +85 celsius degree. This module is ideal for development of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and applications. Dimensions: Length=55 mm; Width = 30 mm and Height = 23.49 mm.

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: WIZnet_WIZ550S2E-TTL_gateway_RS-232_to_TCP-IP.pdf
File Format: pdf

3D CAD Model - STEP

File Name: WIZnet_WIZ550S2E-TTL_gateway_RS-232_to_TCP-IP
File Format: STEP

Altium Designer - Footprint

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File Format: PcbLib

Altium Designer - Schematic Symbol

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File Format: SchLib

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