IPC-7X51 Naming Convention for Connectors and Mechanical Components

Connectors, which 3D models, footprints or package outline, do not belonging to IPC7251 Through-hole standard package outline categories HDRV and HDRRA, are classified in connector miscellaneous packages.

All Connector’s 3D models are divided in component categories by Manufacturers (e.g. 3M, DEGSON, HARWIN…).

IPC-7×51 Naming Convention for Connectors 3D models and land patterns (footprints) consist of:

abbreviation for Manufacturer’s Name (e.g. 3M, DEGSON, HARWIN…) + _ (underscore) + Manufacturer’s Part Number (Manufacturer’s Code).

Connector category list is shown below.

3M_Manufacturer’s Code
ACON_Manufacturer’s Code
AGILENT_Manufacturer’s Code
AIRBORNE_Manufacturer’s Code
AMPHENOL_Manufacturer’s Code
AVX_Manufacturer’s Code
BERG_Manufacturer’s Code
BLOCKMASTER_Manufacturer’s Code
BULGIN_Manufacturer’s Code
CLIFF_Manufacturer’s Code
CONCRAFT_Manufacturer’s Code
CUI-STACK_Manufacturer’s Code
DEGSON_Manufacturer’s Code
JOHNSON_Manufacturer’s Code
EASTRON_Manufacturer’s Code
ENPLAS_Manufacturer’s Code
ERNI_Manufacturer’s Code
FCI_Manufacturer’s Code
FISCHER_Manufacturer’s Code
FUJITSU_Manufacturer’s Code
FULINK_Manufacturer’s Code
HIROSE_Manufacturer’s Code
HARWIN_Manufacturer’s Code
HOMETOM_Manufacturer’s Code
ITT_Manufacturer’s Code
JAE_Manufacturer’s Code
JALCO_Manufacturer’s Code
JWT_Manufacturer’s Code
JST_Manufacturer’s Code
KEYSTONE_Manufacturer’s Code
KYCON_Manufacturer’s Code
LEMO_Manufacturer’s Code
LINK PP_Manufacturer’s Code
LUMBERG_Manufacturer’s Code
MILL-MAX_Manufacturer’s Code
MARUSHIN_Manufacturer’s Code
MOLEX_Manufacturer’s Code
MULTICOMP_Manufacturer’s Code
NEUTRIK_Manufacturer’s Code

OST_Manufacturer’s Code
PHOENIX_Manufacturer’s Code
PRO SIGNAL_Manufacturer’s Code
PULSE_Manufacturer’s Code
RIA_Manufacturer’s Code
SAMTEC_Manufacturer’s Code
SCHURTER_Manufacturer’s Code
SIEMENS_Manufacturer’s Code
SPEEDTECH_Manufacturer’s Code
STEWART_Manufacturer’s Code
SULLINS_Manufacturer’s Code
SWITCHCRAFT_Manufacturer’s Code
TE CONNECTIVITY_Manufacturer’s Code
TOSHIBA_Manufacturer’s Code
WEIDMULLER_Manufacturer’s Code
WURTH_Manufacturer’s Code

Naming Convention for Mechanical 3D Models and Footprints

Components which do not have electrical functionality only mechanical function belonging to Mechanical category.

All Mechanical 3D Models and footprints are divided in component categories by mechanical types (e.g. Heat sinks, Knobs, Spacers…).

Naming Convention for Mechanical 3D models and land patterns (footprints) consists of abbreviation for mechanical component type

(e.g. HSINK, KNOB…) + _ (underscore) + Manufacturer + _ (underscore) + Manufacturer’s Part Number (Manufacturer’s Code).

Mechanical category list is shown below.

Heat Sinks

HSINK_Manufacturer_Manufacturer’s Code


KNOB_Manufacturer_Manufacturer’s Code

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