Download 3D STEP Model - CAP-Kemet-C4AFxBWxxxxA3Fx-Series-CAPRR-P3750P1-1020W120L4200T2000H4000-300-4pins-wm

Mount Type: Through Hole
Electric Type: CAP Misc
Manufacturer: Kemet
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Package Description:

Body Length = 42.00mm; Body Width = 20.00mm; Height = 40.00mm; Lead Span/Pitch = 37.50mm; Lead Span1/Pitch1 = 10.20mm; Lead Diameter = 1.20mm;

The C4AF capacitor is a polypropylene metallized film capacitor with a rectangular, plastic box-type design (white or grey in color) filled with resin, and uses 2 or 4 tinned copper wires. These capacitors are intended to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
Automotive grade devices meet the demanding Automotive
Electronics Council’s AEC–Q200 qualification requirements

Low loss
High ripple current
High contact reliability
Optimized AC voltage performance
Suitable for high frequency applications
Able to withstand harsh environmental conditions
Automotive grades (AEC–Q200)

Capacitors Misc CAP

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: CAP-Kemet-C4AF-Series-TH-CAPRR.pdf
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3D CAD Model - STEP

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Manufacturer Part Numbers:

C4AF3BW4330A3FK; C4AF1BW5100A3FK; C4AF9BW4680A3FK; C4AF7BW4470A3FK;