Download 3D STEP Model - DECA TD4-2241-8 Barrier Block Screws Dual Level 9-52mmP

Mount Type: Through Hole
Electric Type: Term Block Barrier
Manufacturer: DECA SwitchLab Inc
Membership Type: Free


Package Description:

0.375 inch Dual Level PCB Barrier Terminal Block DECA SwitchLab TYPEL TD4
0.250 inch PCB Barrier Terminal Block DECA SwitchLab TYPEL TD4
Terminal: Brass, Tin plated, 0.8 t
Insulator Body: PBT(UL94V-0), Black
Screw: M3.5, steel, Ni plated
Cover: PC
Operation temperature: -40C to +120C
Rated current: 20Amp 300V
Insulation withstands volt: 2000V 1min
Insulation resistance: 2000MOhm at DC 500V
PCB hole diameter: 1.6mm – 1.8mm
Wire range: 14-22 AWG
Screw torque: 15 lb-in Screw with washer
Terminal style:41; Vertical mount/Straight connector type

Terminal Blocks – Barrier Blocks

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: DECA_TD4_Series_Barrier_Block_Screws_Dual_Level.pdf
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3D CAD Model - STEP

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