Download 3D STEP Model - INDP4040X180 Bourns SRN4018TA Series wm

Mount Type: Surface Mount
Electric Type: Inductors
Manufacturer: Bourns
Membership Type: Free


Package Description:

SRN4018TA Series – Semi-shielded Power Inductors

Semi-shielded construction
Inductance range: 1 to 220 µH
Rated current up to 3.7 A
AEC-Q200 compliant
RoHS compliant* and halogen free

General Specifications
Operating Temperature -55 °C to +125 °C
(Temperature rise included) Storage Temperature (Component) -55 °C to +125 °C
Temperature Rise …..40 °C at rated Irms
Rated Current Inductance drops 30 % at Isat
MFailure In Time (FIT) 24.7/109 hours
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 40.4 x 106 hours

Core Ferrite
Wire Enameled copper
Terminal Finish Sn
Coating Magnetic epoxy resin
Packaging 3000 pcs. per 13-inch reel

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: INDP4040X180_Bourns_SRN4018TA_Series.pdf
File Format: pdf

3D CAD Model - STEP

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Altium Designer - Footprint

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Altium Designer - Schematic Symbol

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Manufacturer Part Numbers:

SRN4018TA-1R0M; SRN4018TA-1R2M; SRN4018TA-1R5M; SRN4018TA-2R2M; SRN4018TA-3R3M; SRN4018TA-4R7M; SRN4018TA-6R8M; SRN4018TA-100M; SRN4018TA-150M; SRN4018TA-220M; SRN4018TA-330M; SRN4018TA-470M; SRN4018TA-680M; SRN4018TA-101M; SRN4018TA-151M; SRN4018TA-221M;