Download 3D STEP Model - TO170P1401X210-5N JEDEC TO-263 THIN 5 PINS

Mount Type: Surface Mount
Electric Type: TO DPAK D2PAK
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
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Package Description:

IPC-7351B Naming Convention for Transistor Outline TO (DPAK, D2PAK)

TO + Pitch + P + Lead Span Nominal X Height – Pin Qty



TO – Surface Mount Plastic Transistor Outline Header Family
170P – Pitch = 1.70mm
1435 – Lead Span Nominal = 14.35mm
465 – Component Height (Body Height) = 4.65mm
5 – Pins Qty = 5
JEDEC_MO-169AB_D2PAK – Standard Package Name (Added by

Datasheet or Drawing

File Name: TO170P1401X210-5N_JEDEC_TO-263_THIN_5_PINS_TI_TJ5A.pdf
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3D CAD Model - STEP

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Altium Designer - Footprint

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Altium Designer - Schematic Symbol

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