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Mount Type: Through Hole
Electric Type: Transformers, Wire
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Package Description:

Wire one turn 6 gauge for Transformer Triad Magnetics CST206-1T.

Designed for switching power supply applications, Triad current sense transformers are used to detect the current passing through a conductor.
These transformers are very reliable and operate over the frequency range of 20 kHz-200 kHz.

These current sense transformers are constructed of UL rated 130°C materials.

Technical Notes:
1. Derate ET product by 32% for 50 kHz, 52% for 100 kHz and 50% for unidirectional operation.
2. Rated primary current renders approximately 40°C temp. rise.
3. Maximum recommended terminating resistance of 1 ohm per turn.
4. Primary is inserted through hole in casting.

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