CircuitStudio vs Altium Designer


In this article we presented the major differences between CircuitStudio and Altium Designer.

CircuitStudio is a new Schematic capture and PCB design software tool with fully realistic 3D functionality created by Altium company and is available for users since 2015. It is a very similar design tool like Altium Designer and Altium users can easily switch to CircuitStudio without much effort. CircuitStudio has a reduced set of functions in comparison to Altium Designer. CircuitStudio can generate all necessary output files for PCB manufacturing, testing and assembly boards. Also this is a cheaper tool and you may purchase it through Element14 site for the price which is more than half the price of Altium Designer.

If you have already designed a PCB Project in Altium Designer, you can easily open and edit it to the CircuitStudio. PCB Project and Schematic files from Altium in CircuitStudio have the same file format with extension .PrjPCB and .SchDoc but .PcbDoc file from Altium in CircuitStudio is .CSPcbDoc file. Project types supported by Altium Designer and CircuitStudio are presented in the table.

Project Types supported in:

Altium Designer CircuitStudio
PCB Project PCB Project
FPGA Project
Core Project
Integrated Library Integrated Library
Embedded Project
Script Project

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